Slaying Stone - Dusty Hills

Make your Wish List

Stu asked everyone to put together their wish list of items. Items within 3 levels are probably good keeping in mind that the odds of him giving us the items diminishes the higher the level of the item.

Col Fen Session 1
You want to do WHAT with corpses?!?

in progress…. DON’T READ THIS YET!

“I have a few more things to tell you”, said Treona.


three bits of news

  1. Yantiki is opening a portal. Treona can reveal where he is but she needs two human corpses to be able to perform the ritual to regain her seer abilities.
  2. Dreus’ lair has been discovered. She will likely have much information regarding Yantiki. She is also bringing Orcs deeper and deeper into the Dusty Hills.
  3. Talon Pass is going to be attacked by Orcs. Treona believes they are seeking a jade amulet that was created by the same Tielfling warlocks that created the Slaying Stones. According to legend the amulet can contain beings of great power and likely contains something of great evil.


There was a lot of questions about the amulet but it was decided to seek corpses because the portal seemed more of a threat and Dreus was dealt a blow with the disappearance of the Slaying Stone.

Go meet Veran Tal in Col Fen and he will provide two human corpses. Treona will pay 100 gold.

Gnomes attack and try to kidnap Nyx.

Reach Col Fen.
Humans everywhere and quite upset. Undead have been attacking the town and kidnapping people. The latest attack say Veran Tal and his family taken. Please help.

Into the graveyard.


Screams of a woman and infant from the north crypt.

Slaying Stone Session 4

After recovering from their harrowing battle with Vohx and his enforcers of the Severed Eye Orcs the troupe continued traveling to Treona’s tower.

The remainder of the journey was uneventful and soon the tower came into view. The group gathered in front of the entrance to discuss their negotiation strategy but before they could say three the entrance to the tower opened to reveal a very relieved looking Treona.

Treona herded the disheveled group into the tower and immediately began to question them about their progress in finding the final Slaying Stone.

After an evasive question and answer period where Treona really began to fear that the party had failed to find the Slaying Stone and the group finally admitted to having the Stone. There was some considerable discussion on whether or not Dafydd should be responsible for performing the destruction ritual. Apparently their experience in Kiris Dahn had left the group feeling very wary of trusting anybody. In the end everyone lost interest in who was responsible as the discussion turned to gold.

Treona was not a wealthy woman but she managed so scrape together 100 gold pieces as a reward for retrieving the Slaying Stone. She also presented a small bundle to Nyx explaining that Kiris Alkirk had formerly worked with Gnomes and had taken a real shining to her. In the bundle Nyx found two Attention-Stealing Bullets, two Surprise Bullets, and a Resounding Sling. A delighted Nyx thanked Alkirk profusely and slipped the equipment into her pack.

Upon receiving the gold everyone huddled in the corner of the room, muttering to each other and flipping through ancient books of knowledge for about an hour. This was very uncomfortable for Treona but after the huddle the group was visibly rejuvenated and more skilled looking.

“I have a few more things to tell you….”, said Treona.

But that will have to wait for another day….

Slaying Stone Background Info

The Slaying Stone


Kiris Dahn was once a major outpost in the otherwise wild lands of the Dusty Hills. The town was ruled by the Kiris family for decades, and they were miraculously able to stop invaders dead in their tracks throughout the history of Kiris Dahn. The last 50 years saw steady decline and Kiris Alkirk was the last ruler.

While under Alkirk’s rule, a major invading horde of goblins succeeded in routing the habitants 8 years ago. Renaming the town as Gorizbadd, the goblins vandalized and destroyed major portions of the town, then set up their own significantly sized outpost within. The goblins (barely) tolerate a band of kobolds who live in the slums of Gorizbadd.

The neighbouring countryside is home to many small settlements of all races. Many groups are nomadic, especially as the last 8 years have seen a terrible decline in safety in the area. Seeking out these villages, you could find basic food or equipment, basic healing and temples, taverns, inns, and bards with gossip. Magical items are not readily available.
The races in the Dusty Hills do not hold to racial prejudices, but do not trust strangers of any race. The nearest major city, Noretor, is about 10 days travel on foot, and is predominantly Tiefling.


Rumors have been surfacing that Kiris Alkirk and his powerful ritualistic seer Treona are still alive! He was a kind and sincere ruler when he ran Kiris Dahn, and quite possibly was (is?) in love with the seer.
Savage orcs have recently been seen in the area, heading toward Gorizbadd. They’ve been raping, killing, and destroying all in their path. Everywhere they’ve been, they leave a symbol like a slitted cat’s eye.

Several hundred Goblins and Kobolds are believed to be living in Gorizbadd.


Most likely you grew up in this area; there is not much here to draw people from afar. It would be best if you know a couple of the travelers you’re with, although the 5 of you may not all know each other. Perhaps one of these backgrounds applies to you and you met on the road here:

A small band of (particularly violent) orcs has blazed a trail of destruction through the countryside, seemingly driven directly toward Kiris Dahn.

• They have devastated a farmstead along their way that was important to you (Family? Friends? Destination?) and you seek revenge.
• They seem so driven that whatever they’re seeking must be worth seeking also.
• You are curious about what force drives them toward Kiris Dahn, and it merits further investigation.

You grew up in Kiris Dahn before it was ransacked. You remember all of the good times you had there.

• You heard rumor that Alkirk or Treona is still alive and wish to seek out your former ruler.
• You wish to investigate your old hometown to see firsthand what devastation has taken place.
• You knew of someone important or something important (a pact blade, maybe?) that you hope might still be there.

You are a treasure seeker.

• A once-major town must hold secrets and treasures for you to plunder.

You hate goblins; badly.

• For whatever past you have or reasons of your own, you will seek out a goblin establishment and do your best to destroy it.

You are a religious person.

• You seek a specific religious tome or temple that you have reason to believe may be in Kiris Dahn.
• You hope that the library or temples hold a wide variety of research or religion that would be of value (philosophical or $).
• You seek to purify and re-consecrate a temple that has been corrupted by the goblins living in Gorizbadd.

You are a member of a group of adventurers, friends, or companions.

• You could use a base of operations and perhaps if you are able to clear out Kiris Dahn, a portion of it could serve as your home base.
• One of your traveling companions is on one of the aforementioned quests and you will assist them.

In Short

Something has drawn you to approach Kiris Dahn. You have traveled a few days, mostly uneventfully, and you’re still a few days travel from the town. During today’s travel it has been raining continuously. The road and woods are muddy and hard to navigate. Travel has been tough. As dusk is setting in, you can see the twinkle of a lantern in the distance; it appears to be coming from a window of tower you can barely make out through the rain. As you take the next few steps, you have the eerie feeling you’re being watched… or possibly hunted…

Slaying Stone Session 2
Kobolds... pshaw.

The morning dawned bright and clear, much to the relief of the travelers. Sora gently removed the gag from Speelock and carefully helped her to drink some water. Gaining the trust of a recently beaten-senseless kobold would be difficult but Sora hoped her kind approach would convince Speelock to willingly tell all that she knew. With some crafty lying, smooth talking and empty promises, Sora was able to gain some information. When questioned about the Slaying Stones, Speelock admitted that she had heard of them but only of the original eight which had all been destroyed. She suggested that Rort, a goblin mage who lived in the Kindling Supply (library), might know more. She also made mention of an orc named Krayd the Butcher, who was torturing goblins and kobolds for information about the stones. Most of the information gained seemed relatively useless but one bit that seemed to have potential was the mention of the goblin leader, Hu-Jat. Speelock informed the group that he lived in the Goblin Mansion and she believed that there might still be treasures there.

As the unconventional troop decided whether to slit her throat, let her free, or leave her tied up in her house, they heard a ruckus from out in the street: kobolds and goblins fleeing from approaching Severed Eye Orcs! As the group made a quick exit through the back door, Sora sneakily hung back to cut Speelock’s bonds before fleeing. Khgngk saw this and shook his head.
In an attempt to remain undiscovered, the group fled down an alley directly into a scared and cornered kobold. Khgngk attempted to intimidate the kobold into staying quiet. His voice cracked and he giggled like a girl in his attempt at intimidation. The kobold growled at him and ran past, likely to start rumours about this band of heroes.

Dafydd unsuccessfully searched for an alternate route out of the dead-end they had ended up in, but luckily the orcs ran past the alley, apparently without seeing them. Nyx’s chose to use her acrobatic nature to lead the group up on to the rooftops, where they could travel freely and unseen. Luckily for the party, as they climbed up, Maerelda’s keen observations prevented them from falling through a soft spot in the roof.

The group decided to head out and look for Rort, mostly because the library was much closer than the Goblin Mansion.

Nyx’s great stealthiness helped the group to remain undisturbed as they traveled across town until they reached the end of the rooftops and were spotted by goblins. Fortunately, the goblins paid them no mind and they were able to climb down and sneak up to the doors of the library. Maerelda was very perceptive, and detected 6 goblins inside the library, poised to attack. One of them, who appeared to be the leader, was wearing a shimmering, ill-fitting robe. After a whispered discussion, the group decided that maybe they could convince Rort to not attack them, but instead share his information readily.

Opening the door and immediately praising Rort seemed to have good effect as the goblins didn’t immediately try to kill everyone. There was a very tense start to the discussions during which the goblins all held their weapons at ready, but soon the situation calmed down. After an elaborate buttering-up of Rort, largely due to Maerelda’s magnificent melons, and in no way due to Nyx’s negligible gnome knockers, Rort decided that these adventurers would only share their new spells with him if he first dismissed his guards.

Alone, Rort divulged his life story and bragged the whole while of his great magical prowess. He informed the party about his fancy books and his shiny robe; Hu-Jat the hobgoblin leader and his rage drake; Krayd the Butcher; the monster-pens where goblins raised wolves and other monsters; the tavern that was no longer fit for drinking in; blah blah blah. He did mention that he had found the robes in a small side room and allowed the group to take a peek inside. The room appeared to have once been sealed off but the wall was now smashed in. Through the rubble a small display altar was visible as were a few large brassy looking scales scattered across the floor.

As he went on and on… the heroes began to tire of him and started to blatantly eye up his robes. He eventually caught on that he was in trouble, which prompted him to pull out one of his fancy books and summon a gray ooze! The ooze took a swing at Sora, but before it could connect the nimble gnome Nyx jumped in and punched it in the back of the… ooze. Fire scorched from the tip of Dafydd’s sword, and Maerelda speared out a holy blast and the ooze was blasted to gooey bits. Rort had retreated to the back room of the library, but a hellish blast from Khgngk’s rod burnt him to a crisp.

The Scintillating Robes were only slightly charred, so Dafydd scooped them from the pile of ashes that once was Rort, and tried them on. They fit great AND he found gold in the pockets! With a wave of his hand, he cleaned the robes, and with another hand-wave made the entire library smell of poop (although sadly this was an improvement over the stank of dirty goblin). His team appeared disgusted, and looked to him questioningly… which he completely ignored as he admired himself in his new robes. After a thorough search of the library, led by Maerelda (who also found 6 silver and 2 copper among the dust bunnies), only one book of value was found. It contained the ritual of Eye of Alarm. Dafydd took the book with the intention of studying the ritual at a more convenient time.

As the group quickly left the library (the guard goblins had been instructed to return shortly), they considered their next destination to search for the Slaying Stone. Suddenly Grub, the unlucky kobold they had met when they first entered town, went flying from the doorway of a nearby building, landing hard out in to the street. Screaming in agony, he clutched his eye which had been very recently branded. He muttered an apology about ratting them out under torture, and fled into the distance.

Nyx sneaked up to the doorway with Khgngk close behind and saw that Krayd the Butcher was laughing and strutting on a scaffold in the building; alone. She also noticed a glowing circle of runes on the floor which would need some further study. Dafydd tried to sneak up to join them, but fell onto his face making a loud crunch. Krayd pulled out a throwing axe and warily watched the front door.

Nyx opened the door to an axe in the face, but bravely continued into the building, firing a sling bullet square into Krayd’s face in return. This was followed shortly by Khgngk releasing a vampiric blast of necrotic energy. The rest of the heroes piled into the room and also began to lay into Krayd.

Krayd backed away along the scaffold and away from the onslaught, but Sora charged up and bull-rushed her off the edge! Krayd got to her feet, and lunged toward Khgngk and Nyx, whirling her axe wildly and missing them both. Krayd took more beatings as she stood surrounded, when suddenly from the scaffold above came a blood-crazed battleaxe wielding Dragonborn with a heroic leap. A tremendous swipe of the axe loped off Krayd’s head in a spectacular splatter of gore.
Maerelda suggested the door be closed behind them to prevent anyone from sneaking up on them. Dafydd quickly closed the door behind them, and created the odour of poop throughout the room, “To ensure nobody else enters,” he claimed. They looted her corpse and in her pouch found finger bones, teeth, and a large pile of gold! A further search of the building turned up nothing of value. Khgngk took a moment to study the runes which he discovered to be a teleportation circle and committed the sequence of runes to memory. The party decided to take a quick breather before they carried on.
To Be Continued…

Slaying Stone Session 3
I think I'm getting this!

The adventurers continued their way through the streets of Kiris Dahn, keeping to the shadows, and found themselves facing three temples. The one in the middle was likely the temple they were looking for as it had signs of activity, and they were looking for a “diseased” man that was last seen to be there. Maerelda noticed the decrepit temple to their left was a temple of Pelor, and the one on their right was a temple of the Raven Queen.

The party decided to visit the temple of Pelor first, since Maerelda prays to Pelor to grant her her healing powers. The temple was in shambles, but after a quick cleaning (everyone helped in their own unique way), the group noticed a basin of water. Maerelda recognized this as an offering basin, and that if an offer of silver was thrown in, the offerer would receive Pelor’s blessing (a feeling of refreshment).

After everyone who needed Pelor’s blessing received it, the group investigated the temple of the Raven Queen. Nyx was able to hear a buzzing sound, and after Dafydd created a light within the room, there appeared to be many shapes of some considerable size hovering around a statue. Khgngk was not impressed by all the time being wasted, and Sora was positive that there were bees inside the temple, even after everyone else tried to explain how bees are small, and whatever is inside the temple is much larger. After much discussion, Khgngk was able to convince the group that they should just come back after, but that they should focus on retrieving the stone.

When entering the middle temple, the party was met by a man who claimed to be Kiris Hoyt, brother (?) of Kiris Alkirk. He explained that he stayed to help defend the city, and had made this temple his base. They also found out that there was a dragon that may be guarding the stone by the hot pools. The conversation was cut short however as some goblins came barging in behind the adventurers, and a loud bang started on the opposite doors! Hoyt turned on the party immediately, and also turned into a wererat at the same time, believing the group led the goblins to him.

Sora, Maerelda, and Khgngk focused on Kiris Hoyt, while Nyx and Dafydd attempted to fight the goblins. Hoyt attacked with vicious abandon, causing Sora, Maerelda, and Khgngk to all get a terrible fever. Nyx and Dafydd seemed to have the goblins under control until a large group of them barged through the far door!

Finally, the party only had the goblin leader and Kiris Hoyt to deal with, and they decided that keeping Hoyt alive would be best. However, in a moment of either forgetfulness or egotism, Dafydd shot Hoyt with a magic missile, killing him immediately. Without Hoyt in the battle, the adventurers made short work of the goblin leader.

The group quickly made their way to the hot pools and the dragon’s lair. Just as Kiris Hoyt said they would, they came face to face with a brass dragon. It was Maerelda’s great diplomatic skills, and Khgngk’s reasoning which kept the conversation with the dragon civil (even after Dafydd corrected the dragon’s pronunciation of the deity Corellon, which occurred after the party demanded that he not say a thing), and the group was able to convince the dragon to let them have the Slayer’s Stone. After much discussion, the group felt most comfortable letting Nyx carry the stone, as she was not attuned to the arcane or divine arts as the cleric, wizard, and warlock were, and also because she was not Sora. After holding the stone, Nyx’s appearance began to alter, as if the power of the stone was pulsing through her veins!

The party then had many ideas of what to do next. Nyx wanted to go back to the temple of the Raven Queen in search of more treasure, and Sora agreed (because she really wanted to see the bees). Khgngk pondered the idea of using the stone to kill the brass dragon and steal its entire hoard, and Maerelda thought it would be best to return to the stone to Treona and Kiris Alkirk.

After a long discussion, the group decided to return the stone. One their way out of the city however, they were met by a group of orcs, the sames ones that were doing the eye branding! Sora quickly jumped to the front of the group and led the charge against the orcs, forcing them to focus their attack on her. Dafydd shot an arrow of acid from his sword at the apparent leader of the orc party, and Nyx attempted to get into an area of opportunity.

The orcs attacked fiercely, and the concentration of attacks on Sora quickly let to Sora being knocked unconscious. With Nyx and Maerelda holding the back line, the offensive was left to Dafydd and Khgngk, who both let loose with their best arcanic powers. But they could not keep the offensive up long, as the orcs continued their barrage.

One of the orcs was able to summon a phantom wolf which attacked multiple members of the party before fading away. Also, he used a lightning attack which automatically bounced off the target and hit Khgngk (every time). Eventually, the orcs also incapacitated both Dafydd and Khgngk, leaving Nyx and Maerelda alone in the battle. While Nyx kept some of the orcs busy with her sling (and some real unfortunate luck with her attacks), Maerelda, a natural leader, was able to get Sora back on her feet. With Sora back in the action, the group’s fortunes began to swing their way, as Sora started attacking with her battleaxe!

Khgngk and Dafydd eventually woke up, but only after a couple of attacks, they were quickly knocked out again (Khgngk fell on his face both times). Sora, Nyx, and Maerelda were able to finish the last of the orcs, and among them was found a Pact Blade, which made Khgngk very happy upon waking up.

After a rest, the adventurers will continue on their way exiting the city of Kiris Dahn…
Next Session

Slaying Stone Session 1
What the heck is this game all about?

It was dusk as the ragtag group of travelers approached a stone bridge spanning across a small river. In the distance they could make out a flicker of light that they believed to be their destination, a lone tower standing guard over some long forgotten place.

Suddenly, the baying of wolves that the group had heard for the past hour turned into snarls as five wolves stepped out of the undergrowth. As the wolves stepped forward menacingly Dafydd the Wizard began waving his hands and murmuring an incantation. As the incantation came to completion there was a great flash of fiery light from his hand followed by a small pop. Nothing more happened and Dafydd looked slightly embarrassed.

Shaking his head in what could only be assumed to be frustration and disgust, Khgngk turned towards the lead wolf and let loose a bolt of dark lightning. The Eldritch power crackled through the air and crashed into the wolf, causing the wolf to cry out in pain. The battle had begun!

As the wolves charged in to get their meal a voice pierced the night, “You can take shelter in the tower. I will help you as I can.” And with that there was a flash of blinding light in front of one of the wolves and the wolf stumbled as it lost its sight.

As the battle raged on, the ragtag group no longer acted as a group of strangers. In a matter of moments the team acted as single unit and the wolves began to fall at their feet one by one.
Once the final wolf had fallen, the woman from the tower called out again to invite the adventurers to find shelter and have their wounds tended to. After the party was cared for she asked them, “Have you come here in response to my request for help?” Indeed they had.

The woman’s name was Treona and she claimed to be the seer of Kiris Alkirk, the former leader of Kiris Dahn. Kiris Dahn had fallen to goblins in recent years and most of the land presumed Kiris Alkirk and his people had been killed in the attack. A man, introducing himself as Kiris Alkirk, greeted the newcomers and then promptly excused himself, with the explanation of “business to attend to.”

With all five adventurers looking at her expectantly, Treona began, “In ancient times, dark mage Tieflings forged a set of magical stones. Eight were created and they were called the Slaying Stones. Each stone possessed the power to instantly destroy one being of the user’s choice, within the vicinity of Kiris Dahn; a great power indeed. The Slaying Stones were used to defend the city of Kiris Dahn but over the centuries they were used, one by one, until the eighth was gone. Without the magical stones to defend the city, Kiris Dahn soon fell to the goblins. I have recently heard word that there is a ninth stone hidden somewhere in the city. I need you to seek out and retrieve this ninth Slaying Stone and bring it to me. I intend to destroy it so it can bring no harm to the world.”

Upon further questioning, she solemnly continued, “I fear, if you do not succeed, it will fall into the wrong hands and be a danger to us all. I believe that there is another seer currently searching for this stone. Her name is Dreus and it is imperative that we find it before she, and her band of orcs, does.”

When asked for more information regarding Dreus and the orcs, the adventurers were offered this, “Dreus and I were formerly students of the same teacher, rival students if truth be told. I haven’t seen or heard from her in years but I have reliable word that she is working with a particularly brutal band of orcs.”

After some discussion and negotiation the party accepted the quest from Treona. The seer gave them three scrolls to help them along their way. Each scroll had the magical ability to tell the user if a building contained the hidden stone. Treona couldn’t give them much more information, other than to give some suggestions as to the most likely places the stone may be held. She promised them some form of reward, should they succeed.

After a good night’s rest in the tower, the adventurers packed up their supplies and headed out into the chill morning. Luckily, the rain had stopped overnight and the road wasn’t too treacherous. They made good time and before long Kiris Dahn was in sight.

As Kiris Dahn came into view over the horizon the group was faced with the dilemma of how to enter the city unnoticed. It appeared there were three ways they could attempt to enter. The first option was to sneak past the guards, through the main gate. The second would involve a swim through the river and an attempt to either scale the wall or enter through the kobold slums. The third choice would require exploration through the forest further east and across the river, with the hopes of finding an alternate entrance towards the rear of town. As they stopped to consider their options Maerelda observed, “There only seem to be three guards over the gate. One of them isn’t really paying attention and the other two are pretty regular with their routes. I would bet that if we time things right we could waltz right in through the gate.”
With Maerelda’s careful timing and Nyx’s stealthy footwork, the group made a quick sprint past the guards and through the gate where they ran smack into a pile of rubble blocking the way. “Not to worry, I’ll just push this boulder out of our path” exclaimed Sora as she rolled up her sleeves. “This should only take a min…. ugh. Just a mome.. argh. Ummm…. maybe we should take a look around.”

Dafydd decided it would be a great time to create a diversion… although the rest of the group wondered about whom exactly he was “diverting,” and counseled him to wait until a more opportune time.

Dafydd poked around the nearby gatehouse and found an alternate passageway to get past the rubble. Wandering through dark tunnels, they made it to the exit of the gate towards town. As they exited the tunnel Khgngk created a diversion to distract any goblins who may have been watching their point of exit.

The party successfully entered the kobold slums and ducked into a nearby ramshackle building, hoping to find a safe place to wait while Khgngk asked around town for helpful information. Before Khgngk could head off they realized they had inadvertently invaded a kobold home, populated by some feisty junk collectors. Sora’s attempt to intimidate them seemed to merely infuriate them.

During a quick battle, the group killed several kobolds, and captured Grub, an unwilling kobold helper. Grub helped to lead the group to a kobold named Speelock. Speelock was known to “collect all the magics”, and would hopefully provide some insight into where the Slaying Stone might be found. Grub also warned about the orcs in town, who had been “torturing and searching” as they ransacked and pillaged through town. From what they could gather from the distraught kobold, the orcs called themselves the Severed-Eye Orcs and were known as a particularly vicious band. The orcs enjoyed torturing their rivals and were known to brand their mark across one eye of their victims.

As the party arrived at Speelock’s house, they noticed that Speelock was guarded by two iron constructs, which they soon found out, were programmed to defend her at all costs. As Grub fled, the party engaged the constructs and attempted to capture Speelock with the intention of interrogating her.

Nyx started it off with a solid sling bullet to a construct’s head, echoing hollowly as the head was nearly knocked off by the sneak attack. While the party was occupied with their attempt to defeat the first construct, Speelock took the opportunity to retreat with her second construct into the barn. Sora noticed this and took chase. After the first construct was knocked to pieces, Speelock peeked out the barn door and splashed a jar of foul smelling liquid all over Khgngk, which he quickly discovered to be ankheg bait. A huge and frightening ankheg swiftly approached from the fields outside of town. Maerelda blasted healing over the group as the ankheg approached, then rushed towards the barn to aid Sora.

As Khgngk cleaned the goo off of himself, the ankheg headed towards the nearest prey, who happened to be Dafydd. The ankheg bit him by the leg and attempted to drag him back to his lair. Nyx rained sling bullets as Khgngk rained infernal wrath upon the ankheg as it marched endlessly on. Suddenly, with a bang, Dafydd teleported himself from the ankheg’s maw. Shortly after, Khgngk’s devastating fire consumed the ankheg and burnt it to a crisp.

Meanwhile in the barn nearby, Speelock and the remaining construct nearly rendered Sora unconscious (who had been having a difficult time wielding her battleaxe in the cramped quarters) but Maerelda swooped in to heal the Paladin in the nick of time. Maerelda smacked the construct with a light hammer blow, which knocked the creature to the floor. Dafydd, in his flight from the ankheg, poked his head around the barn door and shot a magic missile at Speelock, knocking her unconscious. The group tied her up, gagged her and holed up in Speelock’s house, with the intention of interrogating her in the morning. Later, searching Speelock’s house, they came across a magical battleaxe that fit perfectly into Sora’s hands.
As the group settled in for an extended rest, they all had one thing on their mind: To find the Slaying Stone before the Severed Eye Orcs did!
To Be Continued…


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