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Slaying Stone Session 3

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The adventurers continued their way through the streets of Kiris Dahn, keeping to the shadows, and found themselves facing three temples. The one in the middle was likely the temple they were looking for as it had signs of activity, and they were looking for a “diseased” man that was last seen to be there. Maerelda noticed the decrepit temple to their left was a temple of Pelor, and the one on their right was a temple of the Raven Queen.

The party decided to visit the temple of Pelor first, since Maerelda prays to Pelor to grant her her healing powers. The temple was in shambles, but after a quick cleaning (everyone helped in their own unique way), the group noticed a basin of water. Maerelda recognized this as an offering basin, and that if an offer of silver was thrown in, the offerer would receive Pelor’s blessing (a feeling of refreshment).

After everyone who needed Pelor’s blessing received it, the group investigated the temple of the Raven Queen. Nyx was able to hear a buzzing sound, and after Dafydd created a light within the room, there appeared to be many shapes of some considerable size hovering around a statue. Khgngk was not impressed by all the time being wasted, and Sora was positive that there were bees inside the temple, even after everyone else tried to explain how bees are small, and whatever is inside the temple is much larger. After much discussion, Khgngk was able to convince the group that they should just come back after, but that they should focus on retrieving the stone.

When entering the middle temple, the party was met by a man who claimed to be Kiris Hoyt, brother (?) of Kiris Alkirk. He explained that he stayed to help defend the city, and had made this temple his base. They also found out that there was a dragon that may be guarding the stone by the hot pools. The conversation was cut short however as some goblins came barging in behind the adventurers, and a loud bang started on the opposite doors! Hoyt turned on the party immediately, and also turned into a wererat at the same time, believing the group led the goblins to him.

Sora, Maerelda, and Khgngk focused on Kiris Hoyt, while Nyx and Dafydd attempted to fight the goblins. Hoyt attacked with vicious abandon, causing Sora, Maerelda, and Khgngk to all get a terrible fever. Nyx and Dafydd seemed to have the goblins under control until a large group of them barged through the far door!

Finally, the party only had the goblin leader and Kiris Hoyt to deal with, and they decided that keeping Hoyt alive would be best. However, in a moment of either forgetfulness or egotism, Dafydd shot Hoyt with a magic missile, killing him immediately. Without Hoyt in the battle, the adventurers made short work of the goblin leader.

The group quickly made their way to the hot pools and the dragon’s lair. Just as Kiris Hoyt said they would, they came face to face with a brass dragon. It was Maerelda’s great diplomatic skills, and Khgngk’s reasoning which kept the conversation with the dragon civil (even after Dafydd corrected the dragon’s pronunciation of the deity Corellon, which occurred after the party demanded that he not say a thing), and the group was able to convince the dragon to let them have the Slayer’s Stone. After much discussion, the group felt most comfortable letting Nyx carry the stone, as she was not attuned to the arcane or divine arts as the cleric, wizard, and warlock were, and also because she was not Sora. After holding the stone, Nyx’s appearance began to alter, as if the power of the stone was pulsing through her veins!

The party then had many ideas of what to do next. Nyx wanted to go back to the temple of the Raven Queen in search of more treasure, and Sora agreed (because she really wanted to see the bees). Khgngk pondered the idea of using the stone to kill the brass dragon and steal its entire hoard, and Maerelda thought it would be best to return to the stone to Treona and Kiris Alkirk.

After a long discussion, the group decided to return the stone. One their way out of the city however, they were met by a group of orcs, the sames ones that were doing the eye branding! Sora quickly jumped to the front of the group and led the charge against the orcs, forcing them to focus their attack on her. Dafydd shot an arrow of acid from his sword at the apparent leader of the orc party, and Nyx attempted to get into an area of opportunity.

The orcs attacked fiercely, and the concentration of attacks on Sora quickly let to Sora being knocked unconscious. With Nyx and Maerelda holding the back line, the offensive was left to Dafydd and Khgngk, who both let loose with their best arcanic powers. But they could not keep the offensive up long, as the orcs continued their barrage.

One of the orcs was able to summon a phantom wolf which attacked multiple members of the party before fading away. Also, he used a lightning attack which automatically bounced off the target and hit Khgngk (every time). Eventually, the orcs also incapacitated both Dafydd and Khgngk, leaving Nyx and Maerelda alone in the battle. While Nyx kept some of the orcs busy with her sling (and some real unfortunate luck with her attacks), Maerelda, a natural leader, was able to get Sora back on her feet. With Sora back in the action, the group’s fortunes began to swing their way, as Sora started attacking with her battleaxe!

Khgngk and Dafydd eventually woke up, but only after a couple of attacks, they were quickly knocked out again (Khgngk fell on his face both times). Sora, Nyx, and Maerelda were able to finish the last of the orcs, and among them was found a Pact Blade, which made Khgngk very happy upon waking up.

After a rest, the adventurers will continue on their way exiting the city of Kiris Dahn…
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